The Adventurous World of TanTan



Thank you for reading my “Biography .

I am the Adventurous Tan Tan. Follow me on my journey as I navigate my way through life through adding a little adventurer.  I am a solo traveler, foodie, self help book junkie, and I love being in nature.

Currently I am engaged to my best friend a Nigerian Artistic, Entrepreneur, and Blogger. He is a man who wears many hats and I am so in love with him.  We met online and have been inseparable since our first video chat. This summer I will be taking my first flight to Africa for our Traditional Yoruba Engagement.  Yes everything happening very fast and I love it. I think I am officially the happiest woman in North America. After the engagement ceremony  my next decision is to decide where we want to live and start our family possibly Mexico, Dubai, Philippines, and Canada

I grew up in a very small town in Southeast Texas moved away at 17 to attend college. I attended Prairie View A&M University as well as Lamar University  and graduated with a degree in “Applied Arts and Science” with a Minor in Communications. I wanted to become the next Oprah Winfrey.

During my early college years I competed in many beauty pageants to win scholarships for tuition. The first pageant I competed in was the Miss Black Texas USA Pageant as  Miss Beaumont.  Then after that I was accept into the Miss Texas USA Pageant, Miss United States, Miss Black United States,  and the Miss American Dream Pageant.

After years of competing I  won the Miss Texas American Dream pageant and flew to Las Vegas to receive my crow and title. As the Queen of Texas I created a non-profit organization promoting community service.

As the executive director of my organization I volunteer being a registrar and register people to vote. I severed people in soup kitchens, volunteer in the Barack Obama Campaign when he was Senator, provided personal assistance to sick, elderly and disable people.  Lastly I became a Mom to single mothers children who needed help with their children. Of all my community work I enjoy this most providing after school assistant like pick up and homework groups.

I also was nominated the lifetime Queen and spokesperson by the Mo-To-Go Education Against Violence Foundation. The founder Dr. Johnson an attorney who works in Washington, D.C. created an organization to promote education for unprivileged youth from low socioeconomic backgrounds. Each year for 20 years he sponsors a seminar teaching children the importance of education.

I enjoy traveling and so far I have traveled solo to Hawaii, Mexico, Bahamas, New Orleans, Austin,  New York City, Washington D.C., Los Angels, San Diego, Atlanta, Florida, Las Vegas, Seattle, Houston, Arkansas, Arizona, St Louis, Mississippi, and Chicago.

In my professional career I have worked as a radio host, photography assistant, writer, model actress, and a hustler. I had to hustle to jobs I hated like Walmart, McDonald’s, Medical Family Practice, Call Center, and a Pet Sitter. LOL

Thank You for checking out my bio.  I hope it inspired and humor you.

Keep going after your DREAMS, and GOALS in life at every age.

Living a Happy, Successful life has no age limit.


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